How to Find a Good Web Developer

If you’re serious about your presence in the Net, you need a truly professional and reliable web-developer. All in all, this is a person who develops your website – the face of your company, the way you interact with your loyal and potential customer

If you’re serious about your presence in the Net, you need a truly professional and reliable web-developer. All in all, this is a person who develops your website – the face of your company, the way you interact with your loyal and potential customers. it’s especially important to hire a talented and capable person. Otherwise, you risk hurting your business and waste time and money finishing by searching a replacement.

To ease the task for you, we’ve prepared five tips for hiring a great web developer.

Look at the temper, then – work experience

When hiring a web-developer, consider the individual’s makeup and character. Yes, personal experience is important, but a bigger indicator of success is someone’s nature and the way this person can fit your company. Are determination, reliability, curiosity, and persistence crucial to your corporate culture? It you are not tight about deadlines and time management? Whatever your rules are, you want to have a web developer who can find the common language with colleagues and fit it.

For instance, a talented web-developer who’s been working with a huge financial corporation for years may not be the best solution for a startup, because new projects require adaptability, fast reaction, risk-taking and some other personal qualities. These may be not so important for a big company.

Make a list of qualities that would comprise your company’s requirements. Do you need devoted and ardent workers? Want someone to be complying with tight deadlines? If you make some 5-7 requirements, make sure that the interviewee matches with at least half of them. Hiring for personal qualities can also help you to identify your company culture and make sure that all of the team members will get on with each other.

But mind that some people can easily fake positive qualities in an interview, so keep tabs on other aspects to evaluate them and make sure they’re tailored to your team.

Start With Minor Projects First

If you think you’ve found a perfect candidate, you need to ensure this is truly a person you’ve been seeking for. Give him or her some small, not mission-critical project. This way, you’ll see this person in action and get extra information aside from what you’ve been told on the job interview.

You can see how efficient is a person in performing tasks, and what the final results are. Was this person doing his/her best to get the product delivered? Were the solutions and methods creative? How did he or she interact with your staff, and were there any communicative problems?

Opt for a smart worker, not for a geek

In the technical sphere, skills become outdated within a couple of years. So it’s better to find a web developer who is quick on the uptake and can learn new technologies easier than someone who is only good at some specific technology but cannot adapt to the newly introduced technologies.

How to find out whether a person adapts well? Ask this questions – they will reveal the love of studying.

  1. Do you have any favorite technology conferences?
  2. What programming language did you learn in the recent years?
  3. Where do you get new tricks and tips to boost your professionalism?

Job Interview is not a Trivia

Do not even spend your time asking such questions as “When JavaScript was introduced? Who is the creator of PHP?” and so on. Although such information may seem to be useful, it will not show you who is smart, and who is not. Such questions just single out people who can memorize better.

Instead, try open-ended questions and listen to what interviewees will answer. What you need to find out is how much interest candidates display, and how well they are in communication and explanation of technologies.

Here are a few examples of open-ended questions:

  • How to deal with conflicts in a web application that’s being edited by several people working on the same data?
  • Which design patterns you prefer, and in which situation?
  • What are the differences between object-oriented design and component-based design?

Fire Without Hesitation

If you realize that the person is not who you’ve been searching for, let him or she go as soon as possible. An ineffective web-developer can do more harm than good and potentially destroy your projects. If your team can’t establish a proper communication with the new person – it’s the reason to consider hiring. If a web-developer keeps missing deadlines, it’s absolutely counterproductive. Think twice before hiring, and once before firing.

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