How to get free backlinks to your website

With such a broad range of website builders and content management systems (CMS), as well as convenient web-hosting providers, creating a website or an application has become extremely easy. At the same time, the number of bloggers and businesses eme

With such a broad range of website builders and content management systems (CMS), as well as convenient web-hosting providers, creating a website or an application has become extremely easy. At the same time, the number of bloggers and businesses emerging has grown exponentially.

Just think of it: there are over 3 bln people having steady access to the Internet, and each of them has a profile in social media, a handful of subscription, and a list of businesses this person interacts with online. The Internet is full of websites and services, and if you want your project to stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure it’s visible.

It doesn’t matter what you specialize on – use all possible resources and be smart to attract an audience to your project. Today, it’s not enough just to add a few keywords – SEO optimization isn’t the guarantee of ultimate success. Even newbies in website development sphere already know that there are hundreds of things that can influence website ranking.

The main problem is that keywords are not the most crucial SEO tool anymore – the voice search gets more popular, and keywords and phrases cannot be called primary tricks to do the magic. It’s somewhat outdated, as SEO specialists reckon. Although it won’t hurt to have your texts optimized, relying on it is a dead end. What to do? Backlinks is your chance.

What is a backlink?

Did you know that backlinks are now among the most crucial SEO factors? They are somewhere at the top of SEO metrics, but, unfortunately, you cannot control them to the desired extent. There’s still something you can do, though.

In layman’s terms, a backlink is an external link that sends a user from one website to another. Of course, you need to include some backlinks in your content, but, what’s more important, you need backlinks to lead to your website. The other pages and websites should lead to your website with a link.

Backlinks are closely connected with organic traffic (when someone visits your website coming from the search engine’s results page). This is due to the fact that search engine website crawlers look for backlinks, especially when creating the search engine index so that the platform would have a better understanding of how your pages are interconnected. Moreover, backlinks also inform search engines about how your pages are related to the other websites and pages on the Net. Thanks to that, your pages can be ranked relevantly so that you could attract traffic for search queries.

It also works vice versa: the way search engines rank and show your pages is defined by the quality of the backlinks. They help search engines to index your content by its relevancy, though it’s not the only thing which has an impact on your website’s ranking. This is why you should care about the backlinks you get: they should be from authoritative websites. No matter what topic you cover, there are already some well-established websites that rank high in the topics similar to yours.

Getting high-quality backlinks from some authoritative websites can be a hard work, but is still possible. Let’s cover 25 ways to build backlinks to your website for free.

Help a reporter out (HARO)

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a great source for generating backlinks on authoritative news websites. You just need to sign up as a source (it takes a couple of minutes), and you will receive 3 emails a day from Monday to Friday. These are the requests for sources which have a list of articles for which reporters need information.

In each request, you will see the summary (usually, this is an article headline) the topic category, and journalist’s email address (the one where you will send information). Besides, there’s the information about:

  • deadline;
  • the website where the post will be published;
  • description with text details.

Of course, you have neither capability nor necessity to respond to every query. First, not all of them are relevant to your industry. Secondly, there’s a huge amount of queries. Just scan through the list to find ones which are connected to your niche, and send a contribution request to the reporter’s email. In this pitch, you need to write the answer to the query and provide your contact information together with a link to your website.

Please, note that you may NOT get a backlink form every HARO query you answer – a journalist might not include the provided information. Besides, he or she will receive several responses with some more suitable than others. However, in most cases, you are likely to receive a backlink on some well-ranked website.

Provide quality content

For the methods mentioned in the article to work, you need to provide high-quality content on your website. Backlinks won’t be of much help if you don’t have interesting and useful posts – there’s nothing to do on your website then!

Besides, having high-quality content on your website increases your chances to get references from bloggers, even without approaching them first. Other players in your industry will also follow other websites like yours to earn backlinks, so make sure that you’re worth one.

Of course, your content should be unique so that you could provide users with the exceptionally positive user experience. The vast majority of pages online are unique, but not all have a truly unique value. What does that mean? Your website should provide some user experience that none of the other similar websites can.

This is also crucial for generating social media shares and other backlinks. There are a few factors that define your chance to earn backlinks, and content is one of them. The golden rule of making content is to imagine yourself at the visitor’s place. What kind of page would you like to see? Picture the page that does not only meet your demands (which is essentials of good content) but is also different from what you have already seen online. Now when you have a certain picture of what visitors would like to see, create the page, publish, and promote it.


Infographics are at the top of popularity because they can add to your content greatly. A lot of SEO specialists promote websites and pages using infographics, and it’s surprising why not so many people implement them in their strategies.

Probably, people think that making infographics is a costly method, but in fact, it’s not so. You can find a graphic designer on UpWork and other similar websites – they don’t charge much there. Of course, it’s always better to find someone who has already done it before. At the same time, the experience isn’t the most important thing: the textual content is way more important than the design itself.

Infographics allow for presenting information in a more aesthetic way and are suitable for generating shares online. To create decent infographics, you should have a clear idea of what to depict, write short and create concise pieces of information (again, the list method helps you out), then hire a designer to make pictures. Alternatively, you can create infographics using such tools as Piktochart.

After that, you need to share infographics in your social media, and such websites as,, and

Internal Backlinks

Although we have mentioned that backlinks are mostly related to the external links leading to your pages, internal links also have a positive influence on ranking. In fact, all backlinks change the way search engines interact with your site as they assist site crawlers in getting information about your website and help them to update the information about pages and understand how your pages are related to the articles on other websites.

Additionally, internal links contribute to a better user experience – they make navigation on your website easier and allow readers to find new relevant articles that are somewhat connected with the viewed page. This is a basic step in optimization because it helps to retain visitors: instead of typing a request in a search bar, they can find more information on some topic. This is a reason to stay on your website and continue surfing it.

Such an approach works perfectly for websites where the content contains some technical terms related to the industry. Every website developer wants visitors to understand the writing, so adding a term or a definition to every unknown word is a good idea – it is truly useful for visitors. This is why you can add another page going into detail about some particular term, especially when it’s relevant to your industry or the target market.

How to do it? It’s easy: add anchor text (the term itself) and link another page to it (the page with explanation). This way, you’ll have internal links to your definitions pages and make sure that readers have everything they need, available in one click.

But do not overload your pages with internal links: reach the golden middle. Optimally, the level of backlinks per page should be below 100.

Assisting hacked sites

As we all know, websites are being hacked here and there, and the wave of the ransomware attacks has triggered a panic all around the world. However, most hacked websites are affected in a less visible manner on a daily basis: some hackings make your website start spamming emails that you will not see in the outbox, or add pages that offer or promote drugs.

If a website has been hacked to add pages slowly but steadily, it’s a serious threat for a website owner, especially when he or she doesn’t notice that themselves and do not keep tabs on the number of posts and pages. But if YOU can find hacked websites in your sphere, you can get another chance for a backlink.

To detect such websites, you just need to use the combination of keyword + “keyword” search string. For example, photography + “Viagra” is a typical example of how to define hacked pages in the photography sphere.

If you have revealed such websites, let the owners know about the page – provide them with a link so that they could quickly detect the hack in the backend of their website builder, or CMS, and eliminate it. Some website owners can ask you how to express their gratitude – this is where you can mention that you’ve recently posted an article that might be interesting for them, and ask whether you could add a link from one of their high-ranking pages. It’s a no-brainer!

Blog Aggregators

Blog aggregators are websites that enlist high-quality blogs in different industries (for example, Alltop). These aggregators allow for building valuable backlinks to your website without investing a penny because they are authoritative and already rank well. Besides, aggregator websites have a lot of followers, so you can be sure that the backlinks generated on them can bring you a lot of traffic, as well.

There are 4 simple steps to earn a dofollow link on any of these websites:

  1. Create a free account on the website.
  2. Submit your website as a suggestion for their list.
  3. You will be sent some HTML code that you will need to add to your website to verify the submission and confirm you’re an owner.
  4. The administrators of the blog aggregator will take a look at your website in a few days and verify your submission. As soon as your website gets approved, the dofollow links will be added on their pages.

Aside from Alltop, you can also try,,, A large number of blog aggregators can be found on Google search. Everything is easy, and earning backlinks on these websites can boost your SEO dramatically.

Scoop It

Scoop It provides a simple solution for those who want to both curate content and earn valuable backlinks. This is a widespread tool among industry leaders, especially those who want to develop their brand in professional networks. This is not a blog aggregator, as it may seem at the first glance.

On Scoop It, users can create their online magazines of content online that they like in order to share the content with other industry members and clientele. The software implements quick search methods for users to find high-quality content from other reliable websites, so if you add your name to this mix, it can make your SEO soar.

Regard Scoop It as the second platform to promote and publish your content, and match it with other valuable relevant content available in the web –  create backlinks for other websites that are likely to do the same thing for you. You can also share your Scoop It on your social media platform.

There are a few packages to select from, and a free option is pretty good for beginners. You can also try paid packages down the road, but when you’ve just started, using a free version is a cool way to build backlinks from and to your website.

Feedback websites

Another great way to get backlinks and find out how to improve your users’ experience is to submit your website to one of hundreds of feedback websites. Such websites are made to help website owners to get maximum of their sites’ potential and boost conversion. Of course, it won’t hurt to exploit usability evaluation techniques and check your website at least once a year (especially, if you’ve just launched the project, or plan to perform redesign). However, it doesn’t often result in backlinks, so if you need a ‘silver bullet’ for both improving user experience and SEO, it’s time to revert to website feedbacks sites.

Everything is simple. You just need to create an account on a few sites and submit your site to review. Then add a short description of how it might be improved, that’s it. As a rule, most feedbacks website will automatically add a backlink to your website – it allows community members to quickly see your website, though some such platforms don’t inherently add the link.

Here’s the list of some of the most authoritative feedback websites that will automatically generate a link for you:


Blog And Forum Comments

Anytime we need information, sooner or later we can find ourselves browsing blogs – these are a true treasury of knowledge. Sometimes readers want to know what else a blog can offer, and need additional information concerning some topic. This is your chance. Search for blogs that cover your niche either by offering products, or describing services that form the part of yours and subscribe to them. There are many reasons for you to do so, and one of them is that you can easily post backlinks using the comments.

Most bloggers encourage their readers to share opinions, stories and suggestions in the comment section. While questions can be answered by the bloggers themselves, you can also participate in a conversation and come up with your own answer. You may notice that there’s some information missing or not properly covered in a post, and make a comment that provides such information. By combing through readers’ questions, you may find opportunities to provide an answer. Or you may find readers’ answers too long for a comment. Use this chance to come up with a summarized answer that includes a link to your article in the end.

Another spots where you can place your backlinks are Google Groups and Yahoo Answers – these are popular forums. Alternatively, visit other theme-related forums and provide your answers in relevant discussions.

Guest Posting

Although it sounds like you help other websites to build their authority and get more views, guest posting is the case when the help is mutual. All in all, guest posting is not ghostwriting. Ghostwriters don’t get credit for the content, while in guest posts, the author gets credited, not the hosting website.

Although it does not help website itself generate traffic, what matters for the guest author is the possibility to include backlinks on their website. Guest posting is about both generating a backlink to your site and boosting search engine index ranking for SERPs. However, there’s one more evident perk: it allows you for making the name outside your website’s frames: by making your content available for new readers, you increase your online visibility. Guest posting, especially in the most authoritative websites of your sphere, is the golden chance to create a positive reputation.

Please, note that it can take a lot of time to find websites ready to post guest articles, so you need to know how to do it correctly. One way to discover websites providing this opportunity is to use Twitter and other similar websites. By using the search function, you can find a few authoritative websites that need guest post contributors. Type “your niche” + guest post (for instance, “hosting” + guest post) and look through the results to find some suitable offers.

Blogger Reviews

Testimonials are a great way to generate backlinks, but it’s also a nice option to have testimonials on your products and services to be backlinks to your website. How can you do this? Find bloggers who can provide some reviews of services and products in your industry. It’s better to work with official bloggers, more or less acknowledged ones.

After that, you can make an offer. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Write a friendly greeting and mention that you’re looking for posts on your topic.
  2. Complement blogger’s content and lets him/her know that you provide a service/product that matches the topic.
  3. Tell what you usually charge, and say that you want to offer it for them free of charge. Ask them to consider mentioning your business on their blog, or possibly make a review.

If a blogger gets interested in your offer, you’ll receive a reply. But keep in mind that this method doesn’t work in every single case: you can’t make bloggers write a positive review, your request is based on a good faith. Please, be careful when contacting bloggers, because explicitly asking for a link (or even a review) is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

The Moving Man Method

The Moving Man Method is simply genius because it allows you for building high-quality backlinks to your website from well-established sources. This is how it works.

Sometimes companies with a big name shut down their business for some reasons, including lack of financing or poorly organized management. In some cases, the company name is related to the founder, and the business closes when they retire or pass away.

During the years of its existence, however, they posted high-quality content on their website, which brought them a lot of backlinks from other websites. As a rule, such websites are shut down, as well, and the domain name is not renewed, while some companies (as a rule, industry top dogs) have registered their domain name a few years in advance. Therefore, after the business is shut down, the website remains online, but the content on it is usually removed. All that means that the backlinks they have obtained still work, but lead to blank pages. Alternatively, the content may stay online but not be renewed.

This is where you join the game.

To find examples of such websites, you need to find authoritative websites with a lot of links to other pages. With the help of Domain Hunter Plus, you can see which of these links lead to the websites that display blank pages. Next, you can use a program like Ahrefs to obtain a list of all the backlinks leading to that site. As soon as you get it, start generating backlinks to your website.

If you have the content that is similar to what the defunct website offers, you can reach out the websites having backlinks to them and let them know that these links are not functioning properly, because website they lead to have been taken down. Offer them your resource as a replacement, and, most probably, your hunting for high-quality backlinks will be successful.

Broken Links

This method is pretty much the same as the Moving Man Method, but instead of searching for links leading to old or blank pages, you need to find links showing 404 error. When a website gets taken down totally, the existing backlinks on the other websites will result in a 404 error. These are called ‘broken links’, and they can have a negative impact on the SEO of websites posting them.

Again, you need to find the resource pages related to your niche and check them for broken links. You don’t have to do it manually spending a lot of time – just use a browser extension as Check My Links for Chrome. You’ll see that broken links will be colored in red, so you can easily detect them at a glance.

Next step is pretty much the same as in the Moving Man Method. You need to notify the website owner about a broken link: what is the broken URL, and where they have this link. You need to include the anchor text they used and the URL of the page with such link.

Again, don’t forget about being friendly when mentioning that your website has some corresponding content that matches the topic. Offer a link to your pages as a replacement, and, most likely, you will get a new backlink.


Almost every company likes showing off the testimonials from its clients. You can see it anytime you visit an official website of some business: there are a few testimonials on the main page and additional pages with the rest of reviews (which have always have a link on the homepage and typically look like “customer success stories”).

So how to reap the benefits of this method of backlink obtaining? First, you should just sit and think of the services or products you’ve used recently. It’s always better to think of the ones that you used regularly over the last 6 months. This can take some time, but the step is the longest one in such a method.

Next, visit the official websites of service/product provider, and check whether they have a testimonials page. If yes, spend a few minutes writing a short positive review describing what you like about the product/service. Now send the feedback and don’t forget to add a corresponding email account on their contact page.

This is it. You won’t even have to ask for a backlink because in most cases it’s included automatically, you just need to approve that you’re a real person. Mention that they’re allowed to use the testimonial on the homepage, because this way, your link will get a better exposure.

Link Reclamation

Sometimes, business or brands are mentioned without links to the website connected with them. it may happen because of a human error, however, you can turn the bane into the boon and get yourself a new source of backlinks.

Link reclamation is a simple and yet efficient tool. Sometimes you can see that your products or services are mentioned because someone liked them. It shouldn’t necessarily be a review – in most cases, your brand or business is mentioned as a part of some larger text.

How to find such mentions? Use the tool like BuzzSumo: it will send you an alert every time someone writes about you. In most cases, you’ll see that the link to your website is already included, but in rare cases, it can be missing. Don’t miss the chance to obtain it! Send the website owner an email and thank for mentioning your website in their articles (pro tip: it wouldn’t hurt to praise the post, as well) and ask whether they would add a link on their website. Mention that it can help visitors find exactly what they want.

Of course, your request should be friendly: say ‘Thanks’ and wish them well before sending an email. In most cases, it can bring you a positive response and a backlink. Don’t be surprised, but sometimes link reclamation brings the most powerful backlinks. If you stick to the right tactics of asking for a link, the website owners can provide you with a positive mention down the road with the link already included.

Get Interviewed

Online interviews are pretty popular today, and this is a simple way to earn backlinks. Of course, it takes time to become an authority in some certain industry or niche, but when you get enough authority, most probably, you will get some interview invitations. Until it happens, you need to seek for the opportunities to be interviewed.

One means of finding interview requests is to look for websites (especially blogs and vlogs) that perform online interviews. It doesn’t have to focus on some particular niche, but you should define the list of topics covered then. Don’t waste your time by trying to get an interview on a website that’s not related to your industry at all. Even if you run such interview, it won’t have a much positive impact on your SERP ranking.

As soon as you find a relevant website, send them an email and inform that you’d like to participate in their project. Of course, specify the type of knowledge you can contribute to them. This technique is a unique mixture of guest posting and providing resources via HARO: you share a source of information that will be transformed into content on their website.

Alternatively, you can find online publications on your sphere, and let the authors know that you’ve just started up. Ask them if they’re interested in posting an article on a local business, and suggest being one of their interviewees. No matter which method you use, you will earn a few backlinks gradually.


You still haven’t got a Google+ account? It’s high time to create one because it’s a simple way to get backlinks to your website. Just sign up, add a link to your website in the introduction section, and start interacting with Google+ users. The more time you dedicate to sharing and communication, the more exposure your backlink to the website gets. Please, keep in mind that it’s a long-term process, but it helps you to get more and more referrals in your Google+ profile, and the backlink can be extremely powerful.

One crucial thing: you need to be logged out of Google+ to see the link as a link (it’s called “dofollow” link). When you are logged in, the link is showed as “nofollow”, so the backlink exists in your profile, but cannot be clicked to redirect users.

Anyway, you should add the link – all in all, some users won’t be logged in when they visit your profile. If your backlink pops up on a SERP, they will be able to see it and follow. Besides, having this backlink available will help search engines index your website and boost your SERP ranking.

Social Media

Aside from being active in Google+, which has already become essential for websites that want to have exposure, you can use other social media platforms. It’s not less important, because social platforms allow for promoting your content very, very efficiently. In fact, it’s such a popular way of promotion that some people have even made a career of Social Media Marketing Managers.

Of course, when you just start, you don’t have to hire a specialist – you’ll simply manage your social media accounts by yourself, it doesn’t require any specific knowledge. However, while the list of covered social media platforms gets extended, and more and more content needs to be added, you can realize you need one.

How does it work? You need to create a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account for your business (it’s optional – choose the platform that suits your preferences best), and communicate with users, promote your business, and share content. You can also share the content from other websites, and they will typically do you the same favor. When your followers get fresh information about your products and promotions, and provided with valuable content, they can share your posts with their friends, too – this will drive the momentum.

Some platforms, such as Twitter, are great for finding opportunities for guest posting, and Instagram allows for uniting brand promotion and advertising campaigns. Accounts on Twitter and Instagram are pretty easy to manage and allow for getting a wide range of followers.

Check On Your Competitors

To get the idea of how to generate good content and earn backlinks, don’t hesitate to spy on your competitors. Most likely, they’ve got a great content, and already rank well and have earned a boatload of backlinks.

The easiest way to get the necessary information is to follow their pages on social media – that’s where they usually post the juiciest content. Having access to their content means more than just reading the text and getting ideas – you will reap the benefits from it to apply in the Skyscraper Method. To top it off, looking at their followers, you can get the notion of what kind of companies and people follow them, and understand which people you can reach out, as well. Besides, you’ll be able to recognize the marketing methods they use to earn backlinks and apply this information to your brand.

Together with following them on social media, consider signing up for newsletters. You can also set up Google Alerts to see when they post new content on their platforms.

One of the most effective tools for checking out how your competitors get links is Monitor Backlinks. It gives you a detailed insight on the methods you can exploit to earn your backlinks in the same niche: websites you should offer your guest posts, bloggers whom you can ask for reviews, and all the other methods we’re discussing here.

The Skyscraper Method

The Skyscraper Method is an exceptionally effective means of generating catchy content, and if done correctly, it also allows for creating uniquely valuable pages that will surely earn you backlinks from authoritative websites.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend money on searching for resources or developing the content!

The first step of this 3-step process implies spying on your competitors to find out which content ranks well, and how to generate the most backlinks. We have already discussed some tools for finding these methods and how backlinks are obtained.

The second step here is using the foundation of the existing content to generate your own content. No, it doesn’t mean you should simply rewrite the content: this way, you won’t be able to earn many extra backlinks, and won’t implement the third step. Please, note that the valuable and gripping content you see is only meant to serve as a foundation.

Basing on this information, you need to present your post in a better way, and add some extra details. Switch up your imagination, and find new sources and ways to provide updated and valuable information. Make new ways of informing your readers, something different from what the competitors do. If, for example, your competitors offer Top-10 product reviews, you can give them an alternative by observing Top-15 products.

When the new post is done, you need to promote the better version of the content using the opportunities your competitors had, and searching for a new interesting way of promotion.


From the information form standpoint, there are three ways to generate content that will rank normally and get you backlinks. One of these ways is creating content in the form of lists. Don’t be surprised: people love long lists of information. For instance, there are many online articles that describe Top-10 hosting providers, and if you look at the most authoritative websites, you’ll see that the lists they provide contain at least 20 points. When you create a longer list, you cover and provide more alternatives – that applies to any topic!

The Skyscraper Method mentioned above is perfect for creating longer content, and many SEO specialists claim that bigger posts are more likely to get the backlinks, because they are more detailed. List format is a great way to create huge articles because they are automatically structures and divide your content into easy-to-read structures that help readers to get through the text and digest the information.

After that, you should offer your infographics as a guest post to some well-established bloggers in your sphere. After being marketed correctly, even one infographic can potentially generate you over 100 backlinks!

.EDU Resource Pages

SEO masters know that SEO links from .edu websites always boost ranking and can generate a lot of backlinks to your website. Think that earning a backlink from .edu website is close to impossible? It’s not. You just need to provide something that universities would like to refer to, and there’s no need to perform a scientific research for that.

One way to get a backlink is to offer a scholarship, but it involves a pretty high amount of money – something you cannot afford when starting out. Don’t despair – you can earn links for free.

Most universities have a resource page for their students and public: they provide links to websites that publish the content relevant for their students and teachers to refer to. These links are usually divided into categories or sorted automatically so that to avoid some certain preference.

You need to find such reference pages and find your pages that best match what’s listed. Write to the webmaster over email, introduce your website and mention your resource. Be friendly and suggest that your page could be a valuable addition to their reference list.

Don’t expect much: as a rule, only 5-10% of emails result in a backlink. However, your effort is worth because .edu links can make a day-and-night difference in your SEO.


Audio is usually ignored because web-masters don’t believe it can bring them many backlinks. However, if you think the same way, you underestimate the power of audio files for your SEO.

How to implement this idea? First, you can record it yourself, or ask someone else to read your posts out loud and place the file on a relevant page. Some people get the information better when they can hear it instead of reading (or together with reading).

Besides, audio can increase your page views and would be convenient for people with dyslexia who find reading long posts very problematic. Some of these people use text-to-speech assistive programs like NaturalReader, but some software suits require them to upload a text in the document.

You know that longer texts rank higher, but you don’t want to lose potential readers because they have to spend time copying the content in Word document and uploading the file in their assisting program. It’s a daunting task. Therefore, if you have extra time, dedicate your efforts to making your content available for those who need it. It will also boost the quality value of your content.

To ease the task, you can try Vocaroo online tool for making voice recordings via your browser, and they can be uploaded in mp3 format to be embedded in your website. To build backlinks, you can also upload the files to audio sharing sites.

“Best Of” Blog Posts

There’s a number of blogs and websites that compile “Best of” lists where they show readers the best websites and blogs in some particular industry.

Although you may not be able to convince bloggers to add you in their list create backlinks to other websites, you can use the existing links to search for blogs and platforms for compiling your own list. It’s one of the easiest things to do because you can see the industry leaders in front of you in the search results, and no further research is needed.

Don’t limit yourself to one website’s lists. Ideally, you should find at least three websites to compare and compile your own list. This is what you can use to work out your own email marketing strategy.

Stay on the lookout for the relevant local websites that you may not necessarily find on the “best of” lists. What’s the reason for it? Today, voice search becomes more widespread and is changing the way we interact with search engines: location is taken into account when SERPs are generated. Having links to some more well-established local businesses can help you to get ranked better not only in text-based search but the conversational voice search query too.

So how to turn your new list into backlinks applying an email marketing strategy? You need to make a pitch, and here’s how.

Make a Pitch

With the help of methods we have discussed, you have already managed to earn new backlinks, but to get maximum out of that, you need to make a good pitch.

The easiest way to earn new backlinks is simply ask. However, it’s just not likely to work in some cases. Why would people do you such a favor?

To make a good pitch you should keep in mind that you should be able to offers something instead. Backlinks are usually given when you provide another website with something they can reap advantage from, too. What can you offer aside from a replacement for old and broken links, or a heads-up on hacks?

Website owners want the same as you, so make sure you create a high-quality content that’s relevant to their projects and gives readers what they want to see. Let website owners know that you have already created a backlink to their site (it can be mentioned in your “Best of” list), and provide them with a link to your post so that they could see it.

Keep in mind that most people get around a hundred emails a day, so you need to keep the message short, but not to leave important information. Make a catchy, attractive subject: almost 70% of emails are marked as spam because of a poorly written subject line. Make the body of your pitch concise and detailed, as well as friendly.

If you have to idea how to do it, try a template or use Pitchbox. Your pitch will allow website owners to decide whether they want to award you with a backlink.

With these 25 backlink generation methods, you will be able to generate pretty much valuable backlinks and see SEO ranking soaring to the moon.

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