10 Features of a worthy CDN

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How can one know which CDN (content delivery network) should be ordered? Find out what aspects should be present in worthy CDN services. Using CDN networks offered by SpaceCDN you can benefit from hundreds of nodes spread across six continents. They have the following 10 options and features.

1. Instant provisioning

You can implement SpaceCDN network in a matter of a few seconds using Control Panel and a few more options. You don’t need ticket requests, phone calls of professionals’ help to make your website up and running.

2. Various interface options

SpaceCDN content delivery networks are totally supported via control panel. You may also interact with the CDN via the REST API and special software development kits.

3. Acceleration of the entire site

The best CDN networks offered by SpaceCDN not only accelerate individual objects stored. With the help of origin-pull technology and DNS, you can accelerate the entire website starting from images and finishing by style sheets.

4. Origin protection

It’s crucial to protect the original files during attacks and failures. Otherwise, your application or website simply won’t work. CDN network solutions present on our website ensure website and application safety by monitoring all edge requests, malicious and not. Since the requests are served by edge nodes, your origin is protected against DDoS and other brute force attacks. Therefore, your website can always serve safe traffic even during an attack.

5. Custom SSL

HTTPS has turned into the standard for modern websites. SpaceCDN gives you the opportunity to use your own domain while serving through HTTPS. You can also use dedicated certificates and Subject Name Alternative (SAN).

6. Access control for content protection

With SpaceCDN you define who sees the content by specifying access rules on edge nodes. The rules can be based on referring domain or geography which will prevent unwanted linking and traffic from non-targeted regions.

7. Multiple origins flexibility

With SpaceCDN you can use many different solutions as origins (public, private, dedicated) and even place them on one website or domain. It’s not necessary to have them hosted on SpaceCDN.

8. Dynamic content serving

SpaceCDN offers CDN technologies for serving both static and dynamic content. Since dynamic content is always changing, it should be additionally handled on the edge nodes. With our networks you can specify TTL of non-cacheable content and support various features for dynamic content handling, including cross-origin resource sharing, header forwarding and cookies.

9. Keep content fresh

Modern CDN services support content time to live (TTL) values in seconds, and you can also make requests for content update outside the timeframe of TTL.

10. Granular control

Edge rules may also be implemented on the basis of resource path, so you can apply rules to different levels of granularity, from a single file to the whole site.

Now you know that decent CDN web hosting is more than just static file acceleration, and SpaceCDN is a CDN reseller that offers top-notch solutions from the world’s best provides.

Vadim Kolchev

52 publications

Vadim has graduated from Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law as finance and credit specialist. Prior to starting to work in hosting business directly, he occupied various roles in several companies, including but not limited to banking sphere and sports. As of 2015 he works for INXY Holding, with SpaceCDN being a vital part of the hosting branch of its business. Being tech enthusiast, he has started writing articles about dedicated servers, CDN, storage solutions and other hosting services long ago, and since then accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in the field. Building hosting sales and support departments from scratch has added even more experience and knowledge and allowed to see the business from the inside and build required expertise. Now Vadim is CPO and COO of a successful hosting business. Having several important interviews and publications at platforms such as Hosting Journalist and Forbes, he continues to share knowledge about this branch of technology that has become not only his job but also a passion.

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