SpaceCDN Terms and Conditions

Where are these terms and conditions applicable?

These Terms and Conditions are agreed by both parties - the SpaceCDN project and the Customer as soon as the latter agrees to send orders via SpaceCDN. By sending a request for any service from SpaceCDN and beginning to use it the Customer agrees to these Terms & Conditions.


The definitions

  • SpaceCDN – a subproject of INXY LTD. Reg № HE354067.
  • Customer - any individual or company that uses the Services of SpaceCDN.
  • Parties - group name of SpaceCDN and Customer
  • Service - means any kind of service that is officially purchased via SpaceCDN, be it CDN or other IT service.
  • SpaceCDN website - the website located at address www.SpaceCDN.
  • Service Period - the period during which SpaceCDN provides the Customer with the project.


Service period

Service period means the period of time during which the Customer uses services ordered via SpaceCDN, if such period is agreed beforehand and is stated explicitly in Internet Services Agreement or Order Form.



These Terms and Conditions cover only content and functionality that is provided on the SpaceCDN website and do not cover any third party services. SpaceCDN is ready to receive requests of the Customer for the Services and both parties have to agree on specifications. SpaceCDN makes sure that it proceeds the requests of the Customer for the Services in the shortest time possible.



SpaceCDN is not responsible in any way for the loss of profit of Customers, any other economic loss, caused by direct or indirect use of SpaceCDN Website, downloaded items from it, proceeding to other websites from links of SpaceCDN Website, and also caused by SpaceCDN website downtimes or inability of Customers to access the SpaceCDN website as well as possible inaccurate or outdated information that may be found on SpaceCDN Websites.



SpaceCDN Website is supplied "as is", so the use of it is coming without condition and warranty from SpaceCDN. Therefore SpaceCDN does not guarantee that the Website will operate without any interruptions and will be error-free as well as all the information located on SpaceCDN Website is always accurate and complete.


Links on the Website

SpaceCDN Website may contain links leading to third-party resources. SpaceCDN informs that such links are provided only for convenience purposes. Once the Customer leaves SpaceCDN Websites for a third-party resource SpaceCDN is not responsible for contents, loss or damage during the use of them. The Customer does it all at his own risk and should be guided by Terms and Conditions or similar document of those sites.


Copyright and trademarks

All information and database that is present on SpaceCDN Websites are protected by copyright and the Customers are not entitled to use, modify, transmit, copy or publish the materials stored on the Website as well as use its elements to create new material without prior written permission of SpaceCDN. All slogans, logos, names and other trade marks belong to SpaceCDN and cannot be used without SpaceCDN consent in written form. Also SpaceCDN does not grant license to any patented products or property rights if not stated clearly in any document.


Applicable Law

Whether the Customer signed Internet Services Agreement with SpaceCDN or not, Cyprus and EU laws are applicable to such relationship. All disputes should therefore be solved in the courts of Cyprus if not able to be settled by the Parties.


Cancellation policy

Customer may refuse to use services ordered via SpaceCDN any time. It may be done by contacting our support team by any mean of communication - email, Skype, contact form, live chat etc. There are no charges for cancelling the account, however clients should pay everything due in full before accounts or services can be cancelled for the cancellation to be complete.

There are no refunds for any cancelled services or accounts, except for the trial period if the payment has been made in advance. (This rule doesn’t apply to any of reseller accounts). SpaceCDN doesn’t give any refunds for the remaining term of use of any service after it has been billed. If Customer doesn’t want to be billed for service in the new billing period, he must inform SpaceCDN about it before new billing period (1st day of each month) starts.


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