Benefits and peculiarities of managed CDN

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The most innovative and advanced organizations aim at moving away limitations of traditional CDNs to scalable and better customizable DIY solutions for many reasons, including security, operations and cost. During the last 5 years, burst of online content delivery networks (CDN) has triggered the demand for customized solutions, although in-house CDN services were considered to be the luxury for many enterprises. However, this is a real challenge for many organizations to build up and maintain an internal CDN without enterprise, cost and scale benefits provided by CDN companies.

Today, managed CDNs started appearing on the market. This is a customizable solution for high traffic businesses that require the advantages of DIY content delivery solution without spending too much money and without dedicating resources to building. A managed CDN service provides clients with full visibility, control and excellent security oversight while reducing the cost of operations and delivery and boosting user experience.

Basic advantages of managed CDN include:

    • Easy access to data. Clients who work with huge databases can activate managed CDN solution caches in the areas where they need to keep more info at the edge. That ensures low latency, great performance and exceptional experience for end-users, no matter what type of content they access.
    • Improved security. Thanks to dedicated hardware of managed CDN enterprises may keep their TLS certificates in their datacenters, protect content from unauthorized access of other customers and have full control over machines, including who can manage them.
    • Flexibility of management. Companies may locate PoPs in their datacenters which allows managing operational costs.
    • Private shield. This option can be used to protect 100% of users’ content. In this case, provider acts like origin even for multiple CDNs. Users benefit from provider’s hit ratio, origin saving and customization.
Vadim Kolchev

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