How Can My Business Benefit From Content Delivery Network?

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CDN (Content Delivery Networks) account for a huge mass of content delivering among various websites and users around the world. This content may include files of different format: images, software, media files, live streaming media, scripts, texts, and so on. To improve delivery of diverse content to the users, CDN are leveraged in datacenters. Content delivery networks improve overall website performance and render a lot of benefits for users as well as for the network infrastructure.

Internet consists of endless networks and datacenters, and the development of Internet-related technologies together with cloud computing and wireless connection has enabled users with easier access to websites. In addition to computers, we have multiple devices to surf the Net. But if web servers are located in one single spot, it becomes pretty challenging to deal with multiple workloads. That can affect website speed, performance and efficiency. Besides, users need access to a wide range of applications, for instance, multumedia apps, streaming video and audio together with dynamic pages from millions of websites that require reliable and powerful systems and infrastructures. CDN network is what helps to balance the load on the infrastructure and provide content quickly to end users.

What is CDN?

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is a system of servers located in different places to handle growing traffic load and shorten the time of content delivery to the visitor from servers. The main aim of CDN is to deliver content at the highest speed possible to end-users from various regions, this is why it’s done with the help of replication process. CDNs provide web content services by caching the content from other servers and sending it from the nearest data center. CDN network also determines the shortest possible route between a visitor and the web server on the bases of latency, speed, proximity, availability, etc. CDNs are leveraged in data centers to process user requests and content routing.

CDN services are often deployed by social networks, entertainment websites, E-commerce sites, educational institutions and many other projects to sent content quickly to users from various locations. Organizations that implement CDN solutions can reap many benefits from them including:

  • Quicker content load and response time in delivering assets to visitors.
  • Scalability and availability. CDN can be easily integrated with cloud models.
  • Redundancy in content that lowers the risk of failure, so you don’t need extra costly hardware.
  • Better user experience with CDN and easier handling of peak time load.
  • Improved data integrity and guaranteed privacy.

Business benefits of CDN networks become far more pronounced when examining its usage in real time application areas. Some spheres of CDN application include:

  1. E-Commerce. Online stores can boost website performance and make products available online with the help of CDN. Experts claim that content delivery networks maintain 100% uptime of E-commerce sites, which improves global website performance. Thanks to permanent uptime companies can retain their loyal customers, offer new customers with their items and services and explore new markets without fear of poor hosting.
  2. Advertisement and media. CDN boosts performance of streaming content delivering assets quicker to end users. Undoubtedly, the demand for online video and audio together with other media streaming applications has increased. Therefore, service providers should maintain fast delivery of high-quality media to their users. CDN network can be applied to accelerate all kinds of content including news, music, video, online games and multimedia in various formats. The content can be accessed from the nearest location.
  3. Business Websites. CDN can improve communication between websites and users, which is especially important for corporations. When a visitor is far away from a website, pages can load pretty slowly. CDN solve this problem by sending the required content to a user from the nearest server from the network. All kinds of interaction are speeded up including processing of transactions.
  4. Education online can be accelerated by CDN dramatically. Many institutes offer online courses that presuppose streaming video/audio lectures, presentations, images and distribution systems. As a rule, students from all over the world can participate in one and the same course. CDN makes sure that when a student logs into a course the content will be served from the datacenter located as close to a student as possible. The content is stored in the regions the vast majority of users reside in.

When it comes to Internet connection, laws of physics cannot be ignored: with a closer server location, it’s always easier to overcome latency and ensure normal performance. CDN is a perfect solution for that: the assets will be distributed between servers and nodes in various geographical locations, which optimizes delivery process.

Vadim Kolchev

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