Reliable and Cheap CDN provider- SpaceCDN Review

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SpaceCDN offers content delivery networks from the biggest CDN providers (Verizon, HighWinds, UCDN, etc.) and complements services with 24/7 user-friendly customer support.

SpaceCDN has become one of the most well-known CDN resellers offering content delivery networks for websites on WordPress and other platforms. Their affordable and efficient networks allow covering different regions all over the world guaranteeing the highest uptime and a consistent level of customer support.

Find out what makes SpaceCDN the cheapest CDN provider, and why it can be the best option for you. You will also learn how to install SpaceCDN service on WordPress.

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for content distribution network, or content delivery network. This is a mass system of servers used in multiple data centers around the globe. They serve content to end users ensuring high performance and excellent availability of content.

CDN servers across numerous regions store the copies of website files, including text, scripts, media files, documents, images and software. When a visitor accesses your website, CDN serves its files from the closest server to them. The shorter distance content has to travel, the faster delivery process will be. Latency and the risk of data loss decrease considerably.

Why SpaceCDN?

SpaceCDN partners with the most popular and well-established CDN providers: HighWinds, Verizon (acquired EdgeCast networks), AhCDN, UCDN and CDNNow. It offers networks with more than 100 PoPs in all key regions!

Services of SpaceCDN are very easy to leverage, and you can setup a network on WordPress pretty quickly with the help of W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache plugins.

  1. Create a pull zone. It will automatically server your content without need to upload it. Creation of a pull zone in SpaceCDN account takes a couple of minutes.
  2. Install a plugin for caching, for instance, Cache Enabler, W3 Total Cache, or WP Super Cache
  3. Configure a network from SpaceCDN using documentation on its website, or being guided by customer support agents.
  4. See the difference!

SpaceCDN advantages

The first undeniable advantage is that SpaceCDN is a cheap CDN reseller with the starting price $10/month only! Being partners with world’s best providers it may allow having low CDN cost while maintaining excellent quality of delivery. Besides, all networks are charged by pay-as-you-go system – users don’t have to overpay for unused resources. SpaceCDN doesn’t require concluding contracts – you can use the services for as long as you need.

SpaceCDN boosts your website

SpaceCDN network will give the details of your content and media files to its servers. When a browser requests the file, it will be served from the nearest server to visitor’s location. Your main server will be offloaded – that boosts website loading.

SpaceCDN ensures 24/7 Support

SpaceCDN customer support team is very quick and user-friendly. You can contact their agents via live chat on the official website, or write them in Skype. They answer as soon as possible – the request will be sent within a few minutes. No bots repeating the same useless information again and again! With SpaceCDN, you get high-quality customer support with truly individual approach.

Save more with SpaceCDN

The company offers a free trial period up to a month for you to try and evaluate their services. If you decide to make a switch to another content delivery network, the agents would be glad to help you with that. Since the prices are individual, you can always negotiate the cost of service and figure out the most optimal network suiting your requirements and budget. Want a discount? Contact with SpaceCDN agents and they will help.

Additionally, SpaceCDN and other INXY projects have an affiliate program. You are rewarded for referrals – discounts for services are provided.

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