Smart Purge Technology in CDN

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Purging is an essential CDN feature that ensures relevance of data stores on edge servers, but this technology is still being developed: there’s a lot of space for CDN providers to grow. Recently introduced Smart Purge approach is already used in some CDN network and promises to become a must for consistent content storage and delivery.

Key advantages of this technology are:

  • it ensures content freshness and accuracy;
  • the technology sends purge requests more efficiently;
  • it scales purge for large amounts of content and distributed users;
  • it protects origin resources during massive purges;
  • it precisely predicts which objects are to be purged;
  • it provides detailed reports about purging.

Companies that focus on dynamic content delivery and keep renewing pages and content regularly should be able to control data freshness easily. Purging is a process of removing outdated content from edge servers of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and it can be pretty slow and complicated. When purge takes too much time, users are served damage or stale content. It may lead to different problems: publication of outdated information, downloading of corrupted files, compliance issues during commercial transactions.

Smart Purge is the next-generation CDN purging system that is designed to perform purge instantly at global scale. It works in real time and ensures very fast file update, no matter how far edge servers are located from your original server. Program functions can be accessed via APIs or graphical user interfaces. Reliable CDN providers can assist you in purging management on 24/7 basis. Using real time feedback mechanism you can sleep with a peaceful mind knowing that visitors are served the newest versions of content.

Main functions

Smart Purge technology has a range of compelling advantages:

  1. Near real-time purging means that when a purge request is received, the system ceases serving content to the visitor without delays and queues for other customers.
  2. With cache invalidation massive data purging can be executed without consuming a lot of origin traffic. Before sending requests for the content, Smart Purge checks its relevance on the origin server and does not generate a request, if the object is still fresh.
  3. Cache eviction: outdated copies of purged content are deleted from edge servers.
  4. Configuration of purge parameters is simple and quick with submit patterns.
  5. Purge dashboards may be accessed via API and user interface to check purge status, accounts, execution processes and purge requests.
  6. Purge history is stored for later reference, and it can be used to generate templates for purge.
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