SpaceCDN Review – cheap CDN service for the best price

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Searching for the cheapest CDN network? Consider services from reliable and efficient networks from world’s best providers with 24/7 customer support.

Being one of the most well-known CDN resellers, SpaceCDN offers a wide range of content delivery network solutions for affordable prices. It partners with leading CDN providers: Verizon (acquired EdgeCast networks), HighWinds, UCDN, AhCDN and CDNNow. The networks offered by SpaceCDN allow establishing global presence – it’s possible with more than 100 PoPs in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Russia and CIS countries and Australia.

What is a CDN?

CDN (content delivery network) is a system of globally distributed servers that cache static website content including images, CSS, JavaScript, software, etc. When a visitor opens a website, he is served content from the closest edge server of the network. The distance between the end user and the server reduces, which boosts loading speed and minimizes latency.

Content delivery network is a must for websites with a lot of traffic coming from different regions. Say, if your website is hosted on American server, European users will have to wait much more for the pages to load. With a CDN, you solve this problem providing them with content from a closer location.

SpaceCDN: a CDN that you can truly afford!

Working with the most well-established CDN providers, SpaceCDN can allow offering cheap CDN service. Minimal monthly payment is as low as $10! Prices are individual, so you can always negotiate the cost of network and ask customer support agents to figure out a solution that will fit your requirements and budget.

Don’t know for sure what amount of traffic you need? You won’t have to overpay for non-used resources with pay-as-you-go system! Besides, SpaceCDN doesn’t require signing up any contracts. You can use the services for as you need and switch to another network freely without penalties.

Key advantages

If you search for the best CDN network, SpaceCDN is the right place. Here you can order a content delivery network that will work ideally for your project. Blog or e-commerce website, video streaming or online games – in SpaceCDN, you are guaranteed to find the ideal solution for your business.

What makes networks offered by SpaceCDN so special is:

  1. Advanced security technologies including DDoS protection, firewalls, two-step authentication, anti-bot options, etc.
  2. Around the clock customer support and monitoring of networks. You can contact the agents via live chat and Skype to get an instant reply. Email requests are usually sent within 1-2 days. SpaceCDN team will help you to resolve all technical issues and may give recommendations concerning product choice.
  3. Quick and easy setup. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to leverage a CDN. Even starters may activate a content delivery network under guidance of SpaceCDN specialists. It will take a few minutes.
  4. Real-time statistics help to adjust network and reach maximum speed possible.
  5. A huge number of PoPs helps to establish quick and steady connection in any target region.

With a content delivery network from SpaceCDN you can be sure in reliability and high speed of connection. This is a perfect choice for both professional website developers requiring advanced CDN features and beginners who need technical support and guidance in CDN management.

Vadim Kolchev

52 publications

Vadim has graduated from Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law as finance and credit specialist. Prior to starting to work in hosting business directly, he occupied various roles in several companies, including but not limited to banking sphere and sports. As of 2015 he works for INXY Holding, with SpaceCDN being a vital part of the hosting branch of its business. Being tech enthusiast, he has started writing articles about dedicated servers, CDN, storage solutions and other hosting services long ago, and since then accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in the field. Building hosting sales and support departments from scratch has added even more experience and knowledge and allowed to see the business from the inside and build required expertise. Now Vadim is CPO and COO of a successful hosting business. Having several important interviews and publications at platforms such as Hosting Journalist and Forbes, he continues to share knowledge about this branch of technology that has become not only his job but also a passion.

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