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Being a cheap CDN provider, SpaceCDN offers a wide range of networks from world’s best developers. Check for a suitable network on

One of the most well-known CDN resellers, SpaceCDN offers content delivery networks from the best providers, complementing the services with user-friendly customer support. SpaceCDN partners with such companies as Verizon (EdgeCast networks), HighWinds, AhCDN, CDNNow, and UCDN.

Starting up

When signing in, you need to provide your name, company name, email address and generate a password. You can claim your free trial that lasts up to a month. If you realize that some certain package is not suitable for you, just contact customer support agents and make a switch.

In the dashboard, you can manage your account, websites and documentation – everything is clear. Every tab has subsections, so you are likely to find the desired information and functions pretty quickly. SpaceCDN also provides the statistics section in the form of charts. When the trial period ends, you should provide your payment information (credit card number) to continue using the services.

How to set it up?

If you’re a starter, it’s highly recommended to contact SpaceCDN support service to get the guidance for CDN setting. If you know the basics of CDN and hosting, it’ll be easier for you. Setup will be managed through the host, which is not as difficult as it seems. You need to change A record for your naked/bare domain, add another one and change CNAME. Then click the button to confirm that you have changed your DNS. Be prepared to get familiar with setup manual, or ask customer support to learn you.


Since SpaceCDN works with various CDN providers, it offers a large PoP database that counts more than hundred points of presence around the world. It allows getting coverage in multiple regions: Europe, North and South America, Asia, Russia and CIS countries, Australia. Being partners with the world’s biggest companies, SpaceCDN can allow low prices – this is the cheapest CDN provider in the Net.

The company puts security on pedestal and provides the whole range of technologies including:

  • PCI DSS compliant Web Application Firewall;
  • reliable DDoS protection;
  • anti spam options;
  • bot filtering;
  • load balancing;
  • traffic monitoring in real time;
  • two-step authentication.

It goes without mentioning 24/7 network monitoring. SpaceCDN is always on guard of your security.

Help and support

When going through your trial period, you can rely on the knowledge base and FAQs that will help you to deal with common issues. As soon as you upgrade to a paid plan, you can count on 24/7 customer support that may be contacted in live chat and Skype – responses come immediately.

Customer support agents not only receive product requirements, but also help to make the right choice, guide through account management and solve technical issues.


Being a cheap CDN provider, SpaceCDN offers a pretty sweet concept: you can order a content delivery network for as low as $10 per month! Of course, the price will depend on the number of PoPs and available options with security features, but it is affordable for most users.

Pros and cons

As a reseller, SpaceCDN outperforms its rivals offering superb CDN offers for lower prices. Key benefits of the company are:

  1. User-friendly customer support available around the clock.
  2. A wide choice of CDN networks with different capacity and characteristics.
  3. More than 100 PoPs around the world.
  4. No contracts and pay-as-you-go approach.

There are some weak points, though. A trial period lasts for a month or less, so you will have limited time to test networks and compare them. Prices are calculated individually: in order to define the cost of an optimal network, you need to contact support agents.

All in all, SpaceCDN is a perfect choice for those who need optimal price\quality ration of networks and value reliability.

Vadim Kolchev

52 publications

Vadim has graduated from Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law as finance and credit specialist. Prior to starting to work in hosting business directly, he occupied various roles in several companies, including but not limited to banking sphere and sports. As of 2015 he works for INXY Holding, with SpaceCDN being a vital part of the hosting branch of its business. Being tech enthusiast, he has started writing articles about dedicated servers, CDN, storage solutions and other hosting services long ago, and since then accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in the field. Building hosting sales and support departments from scratch has added even more experience and knowledge and allowed to see the business from the inside and build required expertise. Now Vadim is CPO and COO of a successful hosting business. Having several important interviews and publications at platforms such as Hosting Journalist and Forbes, he continues to share knowledge about this branch of technology that has become not only his job but also a passion.

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