How to Compare CDN Solutions with SpaceCDN’s Calculator?

On the main page of SpaceCDN website, you can find a convenient calculator tool to compare prices for CDN solutions from different providers, analyze features and technical specifications offered, and figure out suitable CDN solutions according to regions covered.

To start the comparison, type in the amount of monthly traffic to be processed by CDN in the line under “CDN calculator”. Don’t forget to specify the unit of measurement – GB (amount of traffic) or Mbps (bandwidth). The list of providers offered will depend on the amount of required bandwidth and traffic.

Special offer” above provider’s name means you can order their CDN solutions with a discount, or get free months of service.

Providers can also be compared according to the amount of PoPs (points of presence) with servers, or by the location of the nodes. The number of available nodes is displayed in provider’s profile under POP line. Below, the prices of CDNs for separate regions are specified. To select the required regions, use the filter on the right: leave ticks in the boxes with regions that you want to cover, and you’ll be displayed suitable providers.

On the bottom of providers’ profiles on the main page, you’ll see the signs indicating CDN features. If the sign is colored, it means the provider offers such option, if the sign is grey, this option is NOT provided by the company:

The following features are specified:

Data transfer via HTTPS protocol

Data compression during transfer

http/2 support

Data transfer via HLS protocol

Storage of original files in CDN system

Traffic data analytics

RTMP protocol for audio- and video-materials.
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