Key CDN Providers for SpaceCDN

SpaceCDN is a place where you can find a powerful and reliable content delivery network from a well-established CDN provider. We work with globally acknowledged companies, such as Verizon, AhCDN, UCDN, HighWinds, and CDNNow and offer their networks for reasonable prices.

CDN (content delivery network) is the best way to accelerate website delivery in multiple regions without need to expand your own hosting infrastructure. But to ensure it’s efficient and beneficial for your business, you need to find a suitable network from a trust-worthy CDN provider. This is where SpaceCDN takes to the stage!

Being an advanced CDN reseller, SpaceCDN partners with world’s largest CDN providers with various coverage options. We can help you to find a network with servers in safe and reliable CDN datacenters spread all over the world. SpaceCDN has a variety of offers starting from budget friendly solutions and ending with high-performance content delivery networks able to withstand even the most high-performance and high-load projects with millions of users.

The end goal of CDN is always to increase availability and reduce latency. SpaceCDN has carefully selected partners by doing own tests to ensure that each CDN has needed characteristics and parameters to satisfy the demands of user buisnesses.

This includes:

- high coverage. Each provider has enough points of presence to ensure good coverage in supported regions.
- high capacity. Each provider has enough network capacity for easy scaling and withstanding the load of millions users, while offloading client's main servers that are responsible for logic.
- support for SSL. Most providers support both custom user-generated or cdn-provided SSL for advanced level of security during data transmission.
- DDOS-protection. The assets that are transmitted via CDN are guaranteedly available. Even if one node is compromised, the data is automatically redirected to another node with the best route possible in mind. This is a responsibility of advanced customly-developed CDN algorithms for each that are individual and not disclosed for every provider, however usually conforming to Anycast technology.

CDN providers

HighWinds is a reliable global content delivery network provider that’s been present on the market since 2002. It offers a large selection of CDN options and advanced technologies (network management, file system control, modern routing methods). HighWinds offers 52 points of presence in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Unique Rolling Thunder infrastructure guarantees high quality of data delivery and exceptional speed. Highwinds also offers global reach and high level of scalability, patented StrikeTracker console allowing to track multiple data metrics, making real-time changes to CDN configuration. Open APIs make access to CDN assets and advanced CDN-related settings even easier, allowing to control every aspect of how your data is distributed and delivered.

Being one of the most well-known service providers, Verizon Digital Media Services has united with EdgeCast to offer a premium CDN network for e-commerce, enterprise website hosting, streaming and application serving. This advanced network ensures 24 Tb/sec conection on all five continents. More than 95 points of presence and 3000 connections make this platform safe, quick and reliable. This allows to dramatically improve user experience while staying absolutely secure with separate company offerings, such as Web Application Firewall (WAF). This is a robust solution that provides performance of highest quality and conforms with the most demanding businesses. Verizon CDN allows to accelerate both mobile and web apps without sacrificing security, and on the contrary to add additional levels of protection and is easily scalable.

UCDN (Universal Content Delivery Network) focuses on content delivery in Europe and the USA. High-quality equipment is safe and reliable, but UCDN has pretty affordable solutions that comply with all technical requirements. Although there are only 13 CDN dataceters provided, exceptional speed of connection is guaranteed! UCDN is a great option for those who need quick and redundant connection in European countries, USA and Canada. This is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the world that, by the way, doesn’t mean poor performance at all. This is a robust solution for those who don’t have an opportunity to spend too much and still want to benefit from advanced CDN technologies. UCDN offers AnyCast cdn based solely on fast and reliable SSD servers. Additionally, you can store original content on UCDN Storage servers, increasing performance even more and allowing to save on hardware infrastructure. Lately UCDN started to offer their own live streaming service built on top of CDN.

AHCDN (Advanced Hosters Content Delivery Network) is being present on the market for more than 14 years, and provides IP transit solutions, dedicated servers, backup and database servers, streaming and content delivery networks of exceptional quality. AHCDN works with many large-scale enterprises, and its CDNs can be suitable for various different projects. AhCDN, like other offerings, extensively benefits from AnyCast technology and allows to load content in mere seconds, wherever your clients are. AhCDN has different offerings and technologies for Video and small static content and dividing them means better optimisation in terms of asset delivery. There are also advanced features, such as antihotlink and highly-rated API to work with most CDN functions. This means that clients can effectively govern what happens on CDN right from their servers.

CDNNOW Content Delivery Network is based in Russia, and this option is perfect for data transfer in CIS and Russian Federation. Besides, there are additional datacenters in Europe and the USA for stable global coverage. Thanks to reliable infrastructure for traffic management and powerful balancing system, users can enjoy strikingly fast data transfer.

This solution is good both for video and small static content and allows your content to be available to virtually unlimited number of users with highest download speeds possible, regardless the platform. This arguably leads to Google search rank improvement and ability to withstand sudden spikes in traffic due to good capacity. CDNnow offers variety of technologies, allowing to transmit live stream and on-demand videos, as well as static content by providing users with maximum coverage.

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