CDNNOW Content Delivery Network

CDNNOW is a Russia-based company that develops a large network for data transfer in Russia and CIS. The best programmers from the entire country have managed to create a reliable traffic management architecture and a strong balancing system for you to enjoy fast and productive CDNNOW content delivery network.

5 Reasons to order CDNNOW CDN in SpaceCDN

Want maximum performance and reliability for minimal prices? SpaceCDN is exactly what you need! Becoming our client you benefit from

  • The most favorable CDN prices
  • Double customer support – from us and the provider
  • Pay-as-you-go and no necessary commit
  • Free trial up to 1 month
  • Exceptional performance and reliability of CDN

Network Map

CDNNOW offers content delivery solutions for Russia and CIS and also had PoPs in the USA and Europe to ensure stable global coverage. With total capacity of 250 Gbps CDNNOW customers may transfer their content to users around the world quickly and safely.

  • Russia + CIS

    Vladivostok; Ekaterinburg; Irkutsk; Krasnoyarsk; Moscow; Nizhny Novgorod; Novosibirsk; Samara; St. Petersburg; Simferopol; Stavropol; Ulyanovsk; Ufa; Almaty (Kazakhstan); Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan); Yerevan (Armenia); Kiev (Ukraine); Minsk (Belarus)

Pricing & Contract Duration

CDNNOW pricing is more than agreeable. Today, this is one of the most efficient and affordable CDN solutions in Russia and CIS countries. CDNNOW price is totally justified by exceptional quality and speed of content delivery.

  • Contract duration minimumNo Commitment
  • Price Russia&CIS traffic – low volume$0.02 per GB
  • Price Russia&CIS traffic – high volume$0.013 per GB, at 100+ TB per month

Features & Support

Service ranges from Static Content Acceleration for web and media including Adaptive Streaming and RTMP. CDN cloud storage is available as add-on through sync or edge.

Purge All
Honors all origin server headers
Can override origin server headers
Set caching headers for pushed files
Custom CNAMEs
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