Highwinds Content Delivery Network

HighWinds is a huge and well performing content delivery network that has been present on the market since 2002. It provides a lot of advanced technologies for customers: network management, file systems, outstanding routing methods and HighWinds Content Delivery Network.

5 Reasons to order HighWinds CDN in SpaceCDN

Want maximum performance and reliability for minimal prices? SpaceCDN is exactly what you need! Becoming our client you benefit from

  • The most favorable CDN prices
  • Double customer support – from us and the provider
  • Pay-as-you-go and no necessary commit
  • Free trial up to 1 month
  • Exceptional performance and reliability of CDN

Network Map

To provide high-quality CDN, Highwinds uses its unique infrastructure – the RollingThunder network. It has points of presence (PoPs) in all 5 continents. Thanks to numerous datacenters spread around the world and SSDs in servers it ensures the best speed and quality of data delivery.

  • North America

    Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Seattle, San Jose, Toronto

  • South America

    Sao Paulo

  • Asia

    Seoul, Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore

  • Europe

    Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw, Amsterdam

  • Australia

    Melbourne, Sydney

Pricing & Contract Duration

Thanks to fair HighWinds pricing, CDN solutions that we offer combine both reasonable cost and exceptional quality of service. HighWinds price is more than optimal: you get outstanding performance without overpaying.

  • Contract duration minimumNo Commitment
  • Price US/EU traffic – low volume$0.007 per GB
  • Price US/EU traffic – high volume$0.005 per GB, at 250+ TB per month
  • Price USA/EU/Asia/LatAm/Australia traffic – low volume$0.013 per GB
  • Price USA/EU/Asia/LatAm/Australia traffic – high volume$0.010 per GB, at 100+ TB per month
  • StorageNot avalable

Features & Support

HighWinds CDN is used by largest media companies and ad networks thanks to its high performance. Rapid delivery is combined with instant purge, real-time operations and analytics – all you need is included in the cost already. Besides, HighWinds customer support is available round the clock, ready to help. Highwinds now supports http/2.

Purge All
Honors all origin server headers
Can override origin server headers
Set caching headers for pushed files
Custom CNAMEs
Access Log
Advanced Analytics
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