CDN Live Streaming Services.

CDN for Video Streaming by SpaceCDN

Videos are vital nowadays and streaming plays a very important role in everyday life. 

This is the most important and uniform means of communication right now and is used by millions of people. No wonder that videos on demand have gained such immense popularity. You can easily watch the content you need and find out required information quickly without having to parse and browse many pages of text information. However, one kind of video delivery stands out perfectly well here, and it is live streaming. 

Why is it important? It is a must when you need to deliver content to your users in real time, be it vital news, major sporting events or other things that depend on timing.

In the modern world, every second of loading time matters and video lags are completely unacceptable. You will be surprised how these things influence competition in business and business wars are won.

CDN helps streaming a lot by taking care of lagless performance. This becomes possible because of caching and multiple nodes around the world that ensure that the best route is always used while delivering content to the end user. 

CDN also is about scalability - you get the same smoothness of streaming and quality delivery process be it 10 or 1 mln users, offloading your main server and allowing you to concentrate on business rather than thinking about infrastructure.

SpaceCDN can help in all of these areas. Boasting many streaming servers around the world and transcoding capabilities, SpaceCDN live streaming offer is:

  • Platform independent - you can use end stream on any computer platform and smartphone, as well as dedicated boxes
  • Supportive of multiple protocols - we take in RTMP or HLS and produce HLS/HDS, RTMP and other formats while preserving quality and deliver it in different formats and qualities
  • Supportive of pull and push streaming (if the customer uses his own streaming server)

We use:

  • Huge network of server clusters to deliver content
  • Fast SSD drives to ensure seamless content delivery
  • Various bitrates
  • Protection of your streams

Our reasonable pricing won’t ruin your budget while bringing many benefits to your business!

Choose Video CDN Delivery from SpaceCDN

If you need the best CDN for video, choose one of networks offered by SpaceCDN. We work with the most advanced providers which allows us selling highly efficient solutions for reasonably low prices. Live video streaming CDN from SpaceCDN is

Strikingly fast speed of connection, no lags and bugs.

24/7 customer support: our team is always ready to solve your problems and give recommendations.

Our CDN for video ensures excellent quality of broadcasting in many regions – you choose coverage options, we figure out a solution for you.

Reasonable prices make our CDN affordable for users and allow finding a network that won’t hurt your budget.

Video CDN Delivery from SpaceCDN is the best option for those who need top-notch performance without overpaying.

Discover the benefits CDN for Video On Demand (VOD)

VoD CDN solution is pretty easy to integrate, and it extends the functionality of your CDN by accelerating the delivery of video on demand. This technology ensures exceptional quality of viewing experience helping to serve various dynamic content for games, websites, applications and software downloads. VoD CDN is a great alternative to expansion of infrastructure as it helps to reduce upfront costs dramatically.

Use CDN Live Stream

IPTV CDN is started being implemented for broadcasting channels in the Net all over the world. This is a powerful and reliable solution that can be suitable for both TV companies and individual sites providing broadcasting in real time. SpaceCDN can offer a network that will ensure stable connection and maximum video quality.

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