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Website CDN acceleration services by SpaceCDN

You can speed up your website load time with the help of CDN. Content delivery network ensures effective website speed acceleration thanks to caching content on numerous edge servers.

To ensure positive user experience and protect your server from overloading, you should deploy CDN (content delivery network). It will deal with any amount of traffic, serving your pages to visitors from all over the world.

Why Website CDN Acceleration is Preferable?

At the moment, there are two basic trends in development of the Net: globalization and constant improvement. While your web-site and online business is developing, the amount of traffic to deal with increases, which conditions the need for website acceleration. Safety and speed are crucial for steady connection: these factors make up for more positive user satisfaction and better search engine ranking. How to speed up your website load time? Implement a CDN.

What CDN function is?

CDN (content delivery network) is responsible for static web content delivery: it caches and transfers images, CSS, and JavaScripts from edge servers, which allows decreasing loading time considerably. Even one second of extra loading affects user experience and reduces the chance that a visitor will make a purchase, order your services or download your software.

Loading time is also an important factor for global and local search: Google and other search engines rank sites taking their speed into consideration. CDN boosts web-page speed, improving your ranking considerably. Having the benefits of numerous local server, you can get great results in search engine optimization. Edge servers shorten the distance for the content to overcome and boost connection speed. Content delivery networks provide you with excellent website performance and new SEO possibilities.

And last but not the least, CDN solutions ensure the highest level of security for your online project. Secure connection protects your server and users against attacks, and improves SEO accordingly.

Why SpaceCDN?

Website acceleration is important for making your users satisfied and developing the business online. SpaceCDN is ready to provide you with a suitable CDN solution that will meet your exact demands. What makes our networks supreme is:

Huge networks counting more than 100 PoPs.

Hotlink protection.

Token authentification.

Parallel downloads.

IP Access Policy.

SSD Drives.
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